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Providing the perfect amount of hold for every hairstyle, Nuuvo Haircare’s 3 in 1 Hairspray allows you to easily adjust the spray pattern. The adjustable nozzle creates a light, medium or heavy hold that will never leave hair feeling sticky or brittle. The versatile spray is humidity-resistant, securing blowouts and styling throughout the day. Infused with botanical extracts, the powerful blend also provides nourishing vitamins and minerals that add body and shine to all hair types.

Free of sulfates, parabens, gluten and animal by-products, the Nuuvo Haircare line is safe for you and your hair. Our unique blend of infused vegan ingredients is never tested on animals.

Nuuvo Haircare was born on the salon floor, when 20-year celebrity stylist Raychel Harrison, could not find healthy haircare solutions to fulfill her clients’ needs. Raychel’s professionally developed formulas deliver a powerful boost to hair health, which heals and revitalizes hair integrity for salon-quality hair at home.


Game of Thrones 20 oz Mug – Full Product Description Listing

  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED FROM GAME OF THRONES: Featuring the most popular house sigils, this collectible ceramic mug is officially licensed from the acclaimed HBO series, Game of Thrones. Perfect for gift giving, the oversized mug is packaged in a Game of Thrones gift box.


  • FEATURED HOUSE SIGILS: Designed for Game of Thrones enthusiasts, the mug features a unique patterned interior, created with the most popular house sigils of Westeros, including Targaryen, Lannister, Stark, Greyjoy, Martell, Tyrell, and Bolton. The glossy exterior also features the bright, highly-detailed sigils over a distressed background.


Circulation Plus – Full Product Description Listing

Refresh and rejuvenate swollen, tired feet.

Using nerve stimulating pulses and infrared technology, the Circulation Plus system warms the muscles of the feet and lower legs while transmitting minute electrical pulses in a variety of patterns to improve circulation. Ideal for those who are stationary throughout the day, the EMS system relieves swelling, pain and fatigue. Featuring 25 modes of operation with adjustable intensity, the system also includes four TENS electrodes that can be individually adjusted for use on hard to reach areas such as the lower back and shoulders.


Environmental Concerns:

The Hidden Danger In Pallets Every Homesteader Should Know

With so many needs on the homestead, using pallets to meet some of those needs seems like an easy and inexpensive option. From simple shelving to mini barns for goats, projects around the homestead that can easily be completed with pallets abound. What makes them even more attractive is the fact that most often these pallets are free, or nearly free, in exchange for a prompt pick up.

Pallets are available from any number of retailers, manufacturing facilities, grocers and other places of business. The quality of pallets varies. From debarked hardwood to cardboard-enhanced pressed wood, pallets are made to withstand the rigors of shipping via train, plane and truck.

But have you ever thought where the pallet you picked up last week has been? It is an important question. Pallets are expensive for the companies who use them frequently, so these companies use them until it is no longer safe to do so. The pallet may have been left outside, causing it to harbor mold and insect larvae, or left in a warehouse with undesirable bugs and rodents. In addition to that, spills often occur due to improper handling of materials, resulting in residue that may or may not be toxic. This also provides a breeding ground for bacteria such as E. coli and Listeria, both of which are found present in an alarmingly high percentage of pallets tested. Read Full Article Here





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