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Whether you are healing bodies in the health and wellness world or nurturing their minds with a lively classroom education, you have many hats to wear. You are trying to juggle the need to read, digest and evaluate new research and theories, with the need to educate your staff and grow a responsive client base through content marketing.  Ensuring you have fresh, engaging content to grow your health and wellness business is one of those hats that always lands on the floor, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and short on time; this is where I come in.

Enlisting the help of a professional health and wellness writer frees you up to take care the things that you do best.

Do you need…

  • Blog posts and articles that drive traffic to your site and engage your audience to keep them coming back for more?
  • Tutorials, newsletters and video scripts to educate your current and potential clients?
  • Story-based email campaigns that encourage viewers to become clients?

I speak the language your clients and future clients speak. As a conscientious woman, wife and mother of three, I have spent hours researching organic, natural living, sustainability and holistic healthcare, as well as the reasons to adopt such ideas, from hundreds of sources. As a freelance health and wellness writer, I use my experiences to help craft story-based blog posts and articles that resonate with readers.

I also have a background in public education. Working with our most vulnerable students, I have first-hand experience of what utilzing holistic health and welless practices do to positively impact our future generations ability to learn and overcome their challenges.

Ready to get back to work on the things you love? Contact me today to discuss your next project and free up your valuable time.

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