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Amazon Product Description Writer

You know your product is amazing, but competing with over 12 million products on Amazon and millions more on e-commerce and crowdfunding platforms across the globe means you need your product to stand out. 

Utilizing appealing, yet highly optimized copy is key to getting your products in front of more viewers. Crafted to convert browsers into buyers, each piece of copy must be carefully worded to energize and engage your audience without feeling spammy or sale-sy. That’s where an e-commerce product writer comes in.

Enlisting the help of a product description writer frees you up to take care of the things that you do best.

Sure, you can type out a quick bullet point or two for each of your products and call it day, or better yet, enlist the help of a description writer. A product description writer not only provides listing copy that converts but also frees up your time, allowing you to develop and source new products or even take a day off.

Do you need…

  • Keyword-rich titles that appeal to both Google and potential buyers?
  • Targeted descriptions that turn casual browsers into enthusiastic purchasers?
  • To upgrade your current listings to reach new sales goals?
  • Campaign pages, perks and video scripts for funding your new product or service? 

“We have been working with Jessica for almost a year now and the experience has been great. We tested a large group of writers and she stood out as the best. She has the ability to pick up writing styles quickly, thoroughly conduct research, write in a clear professional tone, and takes constructive criticism very well. Her productivity and communication made it very easy to produce quality work in an efficient manner. As a result of her work, we have seen clear conversion rate improvements.

If interested in hiring a professional product description writer, I strongly recommend hiring Jessica. You will not be disappointed in the results.”

Crowdfunding content writer

Brendan Steele.- Marketing Analyst, Vive Health 2018

Are you ready to launch a new product on Amazon? Starting a new crowdfunding campaign? Looking to optimize your current listings for increased sales and maximum profit? Contact me today to discuss what a professional product description writer can do for you!