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Rambling: Being Creative


When I titled this section “Ramblings”, even I was unsure just what that might include. If someone is rambling though, you just never know what you’ll hear.

Tidbits of truth, wild speculation, perspective, hopes, dreams, aspirations…could all be included. I have a feeling that is what this section will become.

So on to rambling…

This week I have been dwelling on the thought of creative. What defines creative? A certain form, use of a medium, the very process of creating something tangible? Can I use that word to describe who I am? I am a creative, not just a freelance writer somewhere in the world, not just a musician, a composer and conductor, not just an artist, paper crafter or Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator. I’m all these things and much more. 

Fortunately, I find time to create. Most often in word, by creating engaging content for myself and others. I play music every day, whether working on a new piece for the piano or honing my skills conducting along with a recording, making notes of where our orchestra needs to rehearse.

I love my life as a creative. Few things are more rewarding than blessing others with the work of my hands.  Nearly all I create is shared with others. Creating hand-stamped cards for birthdays, anniversaries, sympathy or to express a simple thank you, does no good if left sitting on my craft table. My music is shared with many, my writing with the millions browsing the internet. Very little of my creative self is private.

Do you hide your creativity? I did, for years, because I felt I was not good enough. No one would see, listen or understand, but I put myself out there, shared and found freedom to be me. To create when it was not my best, was not perfect, was not even pretty, because life is not always pretty or perfect and that’s okay. Make time to create because that is who you are.

Be creative.

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